Giving Is Better, Then Receiving!

(God Bless the Queen!)


Salute To Service – Thank you for your service! (retired & wounded warriors welcomed)

Birthday Deal- If it is your real & actual born day, then I am flattered you wish to celebrate your life with me.  I am blessed you choose me to spend your special day with, so it is only right to offer a Birthday Deal for divine memories that will last a life-time.


SpecialsAre always available for those who are interested in pampering & spoiling me.  I love Sugar Daddy arrangements, Spa Treatments, Shopping, Fine Dinning, Sporting Events, Del Mar Races, Attending games (box seats/club level), 5 Star Treatment, Shows, Casino Fun, Strip Club’s, Golfing, and my favorite thing to do is soak up the sun! I love the beach, pool, & agua! Water slides, pools, and water parks are my all time favorite.


Health, Fitness & Accountability Coach

I have a home gym & am a real life coach.  I offer fitness fun.  I love to walk, and run on the beach!  Hiking is another hobby of mine.  I will help improve your health, and adopt a life-style fitness change.  Trust the process.  Nutrition, and working out are key factors to living a healthier life.  Don’t wait until it’s to late to become a better you.  Self love & growth is an everyday struggle for most people.  Let me help you become a better version of yourself.  Positive = Healthy, & happy mind, body & spirit.

S.D.’s Sweetest Tour Guide Deals

I am a native to San Diego, CA.  I am very blessed to know my way around town. I am a real foodie at heart, so I can take you to my favorite places to indulge in a fine meal. I absolutely LOVE to eat! I cook everyday, but do not enjoy dishes. lol

The Sweet Taste Of Success!

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Luxury LIFE-STYLE Habit’s

I am also, a member of the San Diego Zoo/Wild Animal Park & can get 1 lucky person in free if your interested in a fun outdoor SoCAL day exploring.  I have a Sea World pass & am also, a member of Legoland as well if you desire a personal San Diego tour guide at a discounted day rate.

Surprise me with a gift because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.  Receiving a token of appreciation can bring a smile to my face.  I feel, like a kid when I open a gift & blush when I read my fan mail.

Dream Gifts: (Property, Land, Deed, Gold, Trust, Home, Condo, Pink Slip)

Present Wants: Parra x Nike air Max 1, Cazal 951, Garrus Double Magnum,

QB’s Amazon Wishlist

I LOVE gift cards, flight & hotel rewards!

Here are a few examples:

Gift Cards: ($5-$25) Starbucks, Guess, Victoria Secret, Fashion Nova

Email me directly for my PO Box if you wish to send me a present.

 I’m always accepting Good Vibes, Gifts & Money.  I enjoy a good bottle of wine- red, or Ros’e.  I love champagne if you would, like to bring me a bottle. I will never refuse anything you want to share.  I am eager to trying new things.  Salud!