ATF: Taboo Fun…Everything your boring Mistress won’t do!  Wild Yen.
Status: Queen of high prestige Superior.
ISO: Kinky friends who are kind, generous, and honest.

Elite Goddess Servicing Exquisite Dreams!

As a life-style, and PRO Domina.  I am the best of both Worlds.  I adore catering to unique individuals who are seeking an erotic adventure, like no other.  I do not judge anyone’s fantasies, or fetishes.  Pleasing me is a prerequisite. I deserve to be spoiled, worshiped, and adored. I am a fully equipped Madame.  I have trained many in the Art of BDSM.  I am a true Shower Goddess. (Golden, Brown, & Ruby) I specialize in unconventional dominant techniques. “Forbidden Fruit!”  I have over a decade of everyday playtime experience & am proficient in all aspects of kinky fun.  I am the MASTER of Sensual Domination, toys, fetishes, toilet-training, creative role-play, VIP, and so much more…

PHONE $5 per minute 10 minutes minimum

ONLINE: Charismatic Consulting, Mentoring & Personal Coaching: $100 -$150

I will not list everything I do because I have very few limits, and enjoy all that is considered strange, or unusual.  I am seeking regular boy toys, pets, slaves, pay pigs, and sugar daddies to spoil me, or let me be your beard.   My body is a masterpiece and must be worshiped.  I am genuine, bubbly, and very open-minded.  I always play safe, sane and sober.  I am a clean & confident Temptress.  I might make you fall in love.

     I have plenty of costumes, and wigs if you are interested in a particular role-play scenario.  I took acting classes, and am a great performer.  I am a naturally dominant lioness, but I enjoy playing switch for the right person. Trust is a must. I can accommodate any special request.  I do my own nails, so if you are interested in a particular style, color, shape, or length let me know.  I am a very sweet, and caring Madame, but I can also be sadistic, and hardcore. I love those who are truly submissive.

Special Delivery with a smile! Outcalls are all was available because I am fully equipped & mobile. I am in search of honest & experienced subs/slaves who can host to become part of my stable.  I am looking for a few good men, women & TS/TV.  I really desire a massage therapist, photographer, foot lover, and real devoted sissy.  Do you have what it takes?

 Champagne & Caviar Treats

I am the Golden & Brown Shower MASTER!  If your interested in forced consumption, or ruby showers continue on to my VIP page for tributes.

My champagne & caviar treats must be appreciated, rather than wasted.  I hate flushing my sweet nectar & brownies down the toilet.  I am always seeking real toilet slaves who I can share my goodies  with on a regular basis. If this maybe you send me a $10 giftcard along with the amount you can afford to donate.  Fund my next photo shoot, family vacation, I have dreams you can help support. Sponsors are always needed & wanted, so contact me directly today. QueenBia@protonmail.com

 I am not your typical Dominatrix.  I have no routine.  I create a session based on your specific needs.  I have a passion to play naughty, and this is why I returned from retirement.  Everyone is different.  I hate to assume.  I prefer longer encounters.

I am a life-style Domina, so if you can not afford my tribute simply let me know what homage you can offer for my time. The worst that can happen is I say, No.  Have a great day!

San Diego BDSM Specials:

M&G:  $200 – Meet & Greet (Consultation)

Champagne/Caviar Treats: Nectar $300 (GS) & Caca $400 (BS)

$600 – 1 hour

$800- 90 minutes

$1k – 2 hours

$3k – 1 Fun Day

$5k – the weekend

Keep it simple by clearly stating all the facts about your specific fetishes of interest when inquiring. Be prepared to provide me with details about the type of session you are interested in this allows me the ability to create a unique & mutually beneficial experience based upon your personal kinky preferences.  I offer consensual, and sane BDSM, Fetish fun adventures, I love shopping & social dates out on the town.

Show me your devotion. 

Only worthy individuals will be considered.  Available World-Wide.

  • I will ship direct to you any used items you maybe interested in for the right price, so contact me directly for anything specific.  I have gently used toys, clothes, wigs, shoes, lingerie, etc..

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FINDOM- Financial Domination

You want me & I own you.  Interact with a real Queen who is superior.  Let’s create a relationship based on you wanting to feel needed because I want your money to live my lifestyle.  Your $ looks sexy in my hands.  I love the smell & feel of new money.  I get off to counting crispy cash.

Make me happy & smile by sending a small token of appreciation- $10 amazon gift card

Don’t delay…Wallet Rape, FIN Boys, Cash Cow, Pay Pigs, PLEASE ME send me a tribute today.  Show me you appreciate my time. Fetish Community Whores Welcomed.  Time wasters get  blocked.  Fuck You Pay Me. 

Adopt A Monthly Bill

Gas, Food, Cell Phone, Car, Home, Dog Food, Clothes, Fitness, Nutrition, Spa, Hair, Nails,

Show me that you deserve my time, and attention!