The Sweetest Taboo!

Forbidden fruit is on my menu. Come taste my sweetness…

“Ready to enjoy happiness, and great pleasure that’s beyond your control? Let’s get acquainted! If you can respect my qualities of compassion, generosity, trust and appreciation then inquire for what your heart desires.  What’s your fantasy, or fetish?”

Accepting female & male pets.  I am a naturally dominant lioness that is very open-minded. Nothing is shocking. I was born kinky. I am proudly perverted! I must be spoiled, worshiped & adored.

All activities will be our delicious secret. I will show you the experience of a lifetime, and you will be begging for more. Only lucky individuals are blessed to worship my sweet culo. I am not your average, or typical Mistress. I’m an acquired taste. Don’t like me? Acquire some taste!

I am the Master at Champagne & Caviar Dreams, Sensual Domination, Toy Play, Fantasy, Fetishes, and creative Role Play!

I take pride in providing an unbelievable experience. I am a fully equipped Mistress with plenty of toys for bad boys & girls, BDSM equipment, costumes, wigs, etc.. I do my own nails, so I can also take any special nail polish, designs, or acrylic request.  I sell my soiled panties, gently used toys & so much more…

 I am a life-style & a PRO Domina. I truly cherish my playtime.  If your truly submissive, and do not require home training:  meaning your an honest, loyal, devoted, worthy, and respectful- DOM=dirty old man, slave, SD, sub, pet, pay pal, sissy, slut, pig, dog, toy, potty mouth, tool, etc… You should apply to worship me.

BDSM:  Making your dreams come true is my passion. I always play safe, sane & consensual.  No cash tribute, no gifts, no deposit = no me.