Smile For Me!

I have been modeling professionally, since I was a child. I love new photo shoots! Sorry, but I do not show my face because I have a personal & private life.  I pride myself in always providing accurate photos. For my safety & privacy I delete my tasteful tattoos.  I just got a new camera that I am playing with & photography is my current hobby!

*ISO – New private places to take photos, so if you have a home, loft, condo, penthouse, boat, timeshare, or beach front property I can utilize for a photo shoot in SoCal please feel free to contact me directly at my personal email.

My photos below are all new taken in 2018.

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All photos on the slide show below are of me in 2017. I trained hard all 2017, and my photos reflect my body positive results.

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Below are a few of my favorite old school photos for you to enjoy. Keep in mind this was before I started working out & taking nutrition seriously, so my body is stronger now.

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