The sooner you RSVP, the sooner you can start having fun!

 Time is something we never get back, so I will never waste mine again.  Our time is precious & requires proper planning.  RSVP with plenty of notice to avoid disappointment. I require a 50% deposit to book.

No references, or failure to provide business, &/or personal information for screening, and no deposit = No Me. (If you do not have 2 high class references, please provide your license, and business card, along with a link to your professional profile online, or website.)

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To be considered send the details below:

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Age & Heritage?

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Help me verify you are who you say you are for my safety, let’s keep it simple.

Share a few facts that maybe intriguing, and your interests.

Where did you find me?

Medical Conditions?


Interests/Special requests?


 Are you a vanilla, mild, wild, hardcore, or taboo player? Experience…
 Tribute?  If not $…Homage?


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I understand that the Queen’s time is valuable, and I will not receive any answer until all the details required have been received.